Make your own classroom whiteboard projector table under $10

Would you love one of those commercially made whiteboard tables that cost hundreds of dollars but you don't have a budget? Would you like to also be able to project your iPads or computers on to it as well? Well here is what I did. Find an old whiteboard. I found mine in a shed at... Continue Reading →

How to create your own iPad recording booth for the classroom.

The creative power of an iPad in the classroom is limitless with its ability for students to show their learning in a multitude of creative ways that look professional. My students love nothing more than to share their knowledge in the form of an iMovie or by using a digital storytelling tool such as Tellagami... Continue Reading →

Creating a Flexible Seating Classroom on a Budget

Two years ago I changed my whole approach to my classroom setup. After attending a workshop on 21st Century Learning I was shown a new way of thinking about classroom setup. Flexible seating. There was 2 days left before school started so I rushed by to my room and took apart all that I had... Continue Reading →

My Class Library

When someone comes into my classroom  I want them to recognise how important reading is and I believe this starts from having a great class library. By giving students access anytime to high-quality, high-interest books that are at their levels breeds a culture of reading in the room. I started my class library a few years... Continue Reading →

The many faces of collaboration and the super powers it unleashes

This week after seeing my students experience some amazing success by working together on their reading, I have been reflecting on all the different levels of collaboration that happen in my classroom and just how important this collaboration is for student learning. I do run a  non traditional collaborative style classroom and collaboration starts from... Continue Reading →

Creating a Class Parking Lot for Feedback

I was always left wondering if my students actually understood that awesome Math lesson I just delivered. I would ask if they understood and they would nod diligently and then when I would later test them on that concept it would become clear that they weren't quite honest with me. After some Summer holiday reading... Continue Reading →

Why should students Blog?

Last year I delved into the idea of having my students blog. I researched the different blogging platforms before our school year started and knowing very well my student's parents would have reservations about online safety, I made sure I found out all about the control measures I would have as the teacher and how... Continue Reading →

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