How to make your own move-able low whiteboard table

When I came across an old wall mounted whiteboard table at a market I knew I had to create another white board table for my classroom. My last creation seats 6 students at chairs around it and has a projector pointed down at it so students can project their work on it using their I pads and an Apple TV. It is very popular as a collaboration space but in my flexible seating classroom, sitting at desks is not. So I thought I would make something slightly different.

My idea was to have a table that students could use while sitting on the floor or on a bean bag. I also decided it would need to roll so we could use it in multiple areas of the classroom. The finished product has been a great success with students clamoring to use this space for collaborative group work, and it has also been fantastic for my small group instruction. Here is how I made it. We can easily seat 10 students at the table all writing on it at the same time.


The whiteboard dimensions are 1.6m x 1.2m and it was quiet solidly built with no flex in it when I picked it up. Originally I thought I would need to have more support in the middle with 3 extra trolley wheels but because of the rigidity of the board I found it was not necessary.

I used:

  • 90mm x 35mm untreated structural pine timber framing.
  • 150mm x 50mm x 50mm recycled timber from a pallet and then planed for legs.
  • 4 x trolley wheels rated to 30kg each.

We are still deciding whether we will paint the frame or keep it natural, although I think we are leaning towards painting it.

I am also now looking at having my projector bracket adapted from not only facing my whiteboard at the front of my classroom but also being adjustable to face down to the floor table so students can project on to this table too with their I Pads.

Students have been made aware that it is not a skate board and they are not to ride around the classroom on it. So far so good!

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