The iPad settings every parent should know

Does your child need to use their iPad to complete their homework or assignments and when you come to check on them they are playing Minecraft or watching youtube instead of completing their set tasks? Then you need to learn how to use guided access on their iPads. Guided Access helps students focus on a single task by limiting the device to a single app and also lets you control which app features are available.

Here is an explanation of how to set up guided access.

  1. Open Settings-­‐General-­‐Accessibility-­‐Guided access-­‐turn on-­‐Do not set a password here.


2. Close settings
3. Open the app you wish to lock down.img_2948

4. While in the app you want to lock: Triple click the home button.
5. The Guided Access information is then shown on the screen.


6. Optional

  • Using the touch feature you can select areas on the app you don’t want students to access (use your finger to draw around the areas of the screen you would like to disable) or you can turn off all touch to the screen etc.
  • Set a time limit for the student to be locked in the required app.


7. Then tap start.


8. Enter a 4 digit passcode that you will remember on the iPad, ensuring your child does
not see this passcode.

9. Enter the same 4 digits to confirm.

10. Once the 4 digit code has been entered twice Guided Access will be turned on, therefore
limiting the iPad to a single app. Once started, you are unable to exit the app, power off use the home button, full restart etc. The only way to exit the app is to triple click the home button then enter the passcode.

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