Change your classroom into an iPad recording studio for under $100

The iPad is such a powerful creative tool and with a few simple DIY tools in your classroom, you can really unleash its full potential!

Our favourite tool in our classroom is our green screen wall. This allows students to take their presentations to the next level. They can get creative with their videos and images they use in their learning.

I originally started with green material on a curtain rod but I found the movement of the material and creases would cause inconsistent results.


So I then decided to paint a wall green in my classroom. I tested a lot of different shades of green until I finally settled on this one.



The next issue we faced was the poor sound quality of our recordings due to the background noise of the classroom. So we created our iPad sound recording booths.


Students just place their iPads inside the booths and speak into them. The soundproof foam then eliminates the surrounding background noise.

These simple ideas have allowed the students to unleash their creativity and produce work on their iPads that they are proud to share with a global audience.

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