Make your own classroom whiteboard projector table under $10

Would you love one of those commercially made whiteboard tables that cost hundreds of dollars but you don’t have a budget? Would you like to also be able to project your iPads or computers on to it as well? Well here is what I did.

  1. Find an old whiteboard. I found mine in a shed at school ready to be thrown away. Maybe talk to the person in your school district responsible for organising school renovations.
  2. Find 4 old wooden desks. Again we had a pile of these stashed away for disposal at school.
  3. Pre-drill holes and screw whiteboard to tables.

I had an old roof mounted projector at one end of my classroom that projected onto the wall, so we got a parent to reweld the mounting bracket so that it now faces down and projects directly onto the table. If I was to do it again I might have a hinge welded on so you can project on either surface.

I have then connected an apple tv to the projector so students can project their iPads onto the table when they are working on group activities.

Simple, yet the most used collaborative space in my classroom and all it cost me was a packet of screws and some effort scrounging materials.

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