How to get rid of student desks in a flexible seating classroom

When I changed my room to a flexible seating classroom the biggest issue for me was what do I do with all the kid’s books. The idea of the flexible seating was that kids could choose where they sat, but if they still had their books in desk draws then there was still that sense of ownership of that space. So I had to find an alternative.

Bunnings provided me with the solution. I bought each student a 13 litre plastic tub. The model I chose fits a personal whiteboard or an iPad perfectly on the lid.

Its dimensions are 295mm wide, 195mm high and 375mm long and it is made by All Set and cost me $5.99.




Students now have everything they need with them at all times and have a mobile learning space. Gone are the fights over desk spaces as well as all the pencils and books left strewn over the classroom.

And at the end of the day the students just stack them up neatly.


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