The iPad settings every parent should know

Does your child need to use their iPad to complete their homework or assignments and when you come to check on them they are playing Minecraft or watching youtube instead of completing their set tasks? Then you need to learn how to use guided access on their iPads. Guided Access helps students focus on a single task... Continue Reading →

Change your classroom into an iPad recording studio for under $100

The iPad is such a powerful creative tool and with a few simple DIY tools in your classroom, you can really unleash its full potential! Our favourite tool in our classroom is our green screen wall. This allows students to take their presentations to the next level. They can get creative with their videos and... Continue Reading →

Teachers need to be more selfish!

For the first 17 years of my working career, I was a professional basketball player. My full-time job was to ensure I was in peak physical and mental condition so as to perform at my optimal level on the court. This involved physical training,  yoga and stretching, massage and physiotherapy, mental relaxation and visualisation, goal... Continue Reading →

How to get rid of student desks in a flexible seating classroom

When I changed my room to a flexible seating classroom the biggest issue for me was what do I do with all the kid's books. The idea of the flexible seating was that kids could choose where they sat, but if they still had their books in desk draws then there was still that sense... Continue Reading →

Make your own classroom whiteboard projector table under $10

Would you love one of those commercially made whiteboard tables that cost hundreds of dollars but you don't have a budget? Would you like to also be able to project your iPads or computers on to it as well? Well here is what I did. Find an old whiteboard. I found mine in a shed at... Continue Reading →

How to create your own iPad recording booth for the classroom.

The creative power of an iPad in the classroom is limitless with its ability for students to show their learning in a multitude of creative ways that look professional. My students love nothing more than to share their knowledge in the form of an iMovie or by using a digital storytelling tool such as Tellagami... Continue Reading →

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