My Must Have Apps in the Classroom for 2016

As 2016 ends and I am reflecting on what worked and what I can do better next year in my classroom I thought I would look at the apps that I can’t do without.


img_4608This year my favourite app by far was Green Screen by DoInk. When my class and I started playing with green screening at the start of the year we were hooked. So much so that we decided that our green material was not enough and we actually painted a wall in the classroom green so we had a permanent green screen. This app took our final presentations to a new level. It allowed us to get creative when illustrating our writing and also to add in backgrounds to our presentations.

img_4607 An old favourite but one we still use extensively is Book Creator. No easier way to make eBooks and when you use the green screen images in them they look awesome. Played with the cartoon layouts this year and they looked great.


imovies Continuing on with our creative apps to enhance our presentations you can’t go past IMovies. So easy to create highly polished video presentations, This year we used our green screen and IMovies to create very professional Ted Talk presentations which featured at our school open night.

img_4606 Another video favourite was IStopMotion. Just another fun creative way to present our learning.


download This year the students spent a lot of time showing me what they knew by creating short videos teaching concepts to other students and Explain everything was the best app for us. I also use this app to create all my videos for my flipped lessons.

img_4602 Another old favourite is Kahoot. We use this every day  in our Maths class to test our times tables and was also great for the students to create quizes about our reading books.IMG_3928

img_4603 Another great App for Maths is FrontRow. This app is an adaptive maths program that leads the students through the curriculum at their level as well as providing video explanations and example as well as recommending peer tutors that can help them.


Of course there are lots of other Apps we used throughout the year that have been fantastic but when it comes down to Apps that we use again and again and we will use in 2017, I can’t go past these little gems!

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