Green Screen fun

Last Friday we experienced flooding around our town and most of my class could not make it to school, in fact, the only reason I was there was that I had been unable to go home for the previous 2 days with my house cut off due to the floods so I was sleeping at school. So with my reduced contingent of students, we decided to have some fun and put together a video in response to a request from the DAV Public School in India who had asked us to give them a glimpse of ” A typical Day in School” as part of an online project taken up by their school for the British Council International School Award Programme.

After watching the video they had prepared for inspiration, we went to work. I had been dying to have a play with a new app I had just downloaded called Green Screen so after some tinkering with the app and a quick run down to the local fabric store for some green material we came up with a plan for our video. students had a great time coming up with the various concepts of how to share what we do at school, so after some app smashing using Pic Collage, Green Screen and IMovie’s our video was ready.


I love this app and can see how it will take student presentations of their work to a whole new level. I have now purchased the add on to the app which allows you to create animations for your green screen movies. Can’t wait to try that one next!

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